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GalaCollider Open Alpha Registration - Death by BetaNeoCrux will be running the GalaCollider open alpha this coming fall, so sign up in order to test out this incoming 4X strategy and collectible card game!

It was only two days that I mentioned that collectible cards games appear to have succeeded MOBA in terms of a “me too!” development phase. It seems like everyone is trying to make a collectible card game of some kind. As if to prove my point, one of our readers contacted us yesterday via Twitter (thanks OPMS_Iron_Man!) to let us know about several testing opportunities out there. Predictably, one of them was for yet another online collectible card game called GalaCollider. Happily, the GalaCollider open alpha registration is underway and you can sign up for a chance to participate when the test starts this coming fall!

I don’t mean to disparage collectible cards games as I have found them to be rather fun myself. I am just amazed at how genres are having collectible card mechanics shoehorned into them. Still, I have to admit that GalaCollider from NeoCrux does look and sound pretty good. Here is the official blurb from NeoCrux about GalaCollider:

“A fusion of 4X and cards games, GalaCollider offers all the depth, replayability and expansion potential of a collectible or expandable card game, all while you expand your empire and explore new sectors of space on a beautiful 3D map. The gameplay itself is evolving and fluid with a tense mid­game, quick turns, reduced micromanagement and a strong focus on turn based strategy, drawing inspiration from games like Stellaris and Gwent, supported by rich lore that will be coauthored by the player, beautiful artwork, and elegant user interactivity.​”

There is already a lot of information about GalaCollider on the game’s official About page, and I recommend reading it over. A couple of key features is that all players take their turn simultaneously meaning that you will have to anticipate, rather than react to, your opponents moves. You can build your deck outside of the matches and then adjust your deck during the matches via the tech trees. Also, the game will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Check out the GalaCollider alpha video below for some more information.

If you would like to sign up for the GalaCollider open alpha then head over to the game’s website to put your name in. The GalaCollider open alpha will go live this fall and signing up now will get you in as soon as it starts. It is also worth mentioning that those that sign up for the GalaCollider open alpha will get a free bump to one tier higher if they then decide to pledge for the GalaCollider Kickstarter when it goes live in 2018. Check it out!



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