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Valnir Rok Alpha - Death by BetaValnir Rok, a new multiplayer viking-based survival sandbox game, has just been announced and you can sign up for the Valnir Rok alpha test that will start on August 4!

So, as is my daily routine, I was eating breakfast this morning and perusing the gaming news sites when I noticed mention of Valnir Rok over on It looked interesting and so I checked out the game’s website. Lo and behold, the Valnir Rok alpha registration is up and running, and that is something everyone should know about!

Valnir Rok from encurio (apparently all lowercase is important) is a viking-based survival sandbox multiplayer game (the game’s website even mentions it being an MMORPG). Because, you know, there aren’t enough survival games out there yet. Still, the viking setting sounds great and I am all for that. Otherwise it sounds like the game will feature everything you would expect such as hunting, crafting, building houses and settlements, forming clans, fighting clans, and so. The description of the game’s YouTube announcement trailer, which you can view below, also includes an interesting tidbit that states “server owners can create their own story and quests”. Sounds good!

In any case, I recommend checking out the Valnir Rok website for more information about the game. While you are there, don’t forget to sign up for the Valnir Rok alpha. According to the sign up page, they need about 1000 alpha testers when the alpha starts in a couple of days on August 4. Check it out!



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