Hyper Ultra Astronautics Open Alpha Test

Hyper Ultra Astronautics Open Alpha Test - Death by BetaFRACTiLE Games needs your help in testing out the Hyper Ultra Astronautics open alpha, so check out this Asteroid-esque game with local multiplayer!

Let’s have a bit of an indie morning, shall we? Mikko Rytk√∂nen from FRACTiLE Games emailed Death by Beta this morning to tell us about Hyper Ultra Astronautics, a new top down shooter with local multiplayer and co-op support. More accurately, Mikko is really eager to get some gamers to help test out the game. He is currently running the Hyper Ultra Astronautics open alpha and hopefully some of you can download it and try it out!

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is a top down spaceship shooter that is reminiscent of the classic Asteroids game. Now, with the words “Hyper Ultra” in the name, one immediately expects that there will be plenty of hectic action in the game. If the screenshots are any indication, that should indeed be the case. While still very much in the alpha stage, Hyper Ultra Astronautics has support for local PvP and co-op survival modes using a variety of control options (keyboard+mouse, controllers, Android mobile controller). Mikko confirmed that you can play the survival mode solo if you don’t have any local friends.

I suggest reading over the Hyper Ultra Astronautics website for more information. If you want to help out Mikko then download the Hyper Ultra Astronautics open alpha for Windows or Linux and give it a try. The download page also contains links for providing feedback to Mikko on the game. Enjoy!



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