Hand of the Gods Open Beta

Hand of the Gods Open Beta - Death by BetaHi-Rez has just fired up the Hands of the Gods open beta, so jump in to test out this new SMITE-based hybrid tactics and online collectible card game!

Back at the beginning of the year we mentioned that the SMITE Tactics closed beta was underway. Today, the SMITE Tactics open beta fired up, although it is no longer called SMITE Tactics. Rather it is called Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics, and so I need to be more accurate and say that the Hand of the Gods open beta has now fired up!

Despite the name change, Hands of the Gods: SMITE Tactics from Hi-Rez Studios is still very much a hybrid turn based tactics and online collectible card game. Given how tactical and online collectible card hybrids have been en vogue for a couple of years now, it is unlikely that I need to explain them further. In this case, Hand of the Gods is based on the SMITE franchise from Hi-Rez (I imagine that was obvious to everyone). As is often the case, you can play the game in single player or in multiplayer (I assume with both competitive and non-competitive modes). Check out the Hand of the Gods open beta trailer below for a look at the gameplay.

Then again, since this is an open beta, it probably makes more sense to simply head over to the game’s website, download the client, and have a look for yourself. I should also mention that if you really enjoy the Hands of the Gods open beta then you may also want to check out the available Founder’s Pack. Have fun!



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