Strike Vector EX Open Beta

Strike Vector EX Open Beta - Death by BetaThe Strike Vector EX open beta is live on Steam, so check out Ragequit Corporation’s refresh of their original hectic aerial shooter!

Here is some news that I noticed via Rock Paper Shotgun earlier this morning. Apparently the Strike Vector EX open beta went live a few days ago. If you are interested in some hyperactive aerial shooter dog-fighting then this might be one to check out!

Strike Vector EX is, from what I understand, a refresh of the 2014 Strike Vector from Ragequit Corporation. I am not entirely sure if I should trust a game made by a company with “ragequit” in their name. Anyway, I do recall seeing the original Strike Vector on Steam and thinking that it looked fun. Strike Vector EX appears to bring you all the same intense aerial third person shooter action, but with updated visuals and controls. It also sounds like there is a new single player campaign as well for those of you who are less blood thirsty (all two of you out there). Check out the video trailer below for a glimpse of the gameplay.

Or better yet, head over to Steam and try out the Strike Vector EX open beta for yourself. That seems like a safe way to try out the game and get your tail blown off in the process. Enjoy!



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