Battle Splash Open Alpha

Battle Splash Open Alpha - Death by BetaCheck out the Battle Splash open alpha, a new family friendly indie shooter that uses water physics and water weapons for combat!

When I woke up this morning, I found an email in the Death by Beta inbox from Hung Mai, the co-founder of Dranya Studio in Vietnam. Hung Mai wanted us to know about the solo project that he has been working on called Battle Splash. More importantly, he wanted us to let all of you know that the Battle Splash open alpha released a couple of weeks ago and is available for everyone to test out!

Battle Splash is being developed as a family friendly shooter that is centered around “water physics” as its primary mechanic. Now, right away you are all thinking that this must be an underwater shooter, but that isn’t the case. Rather, it is more like a shooter using water-guns on steroids. You can play solo or co-op against bots, or play PvP with up to 32 players across four teams. Here is the official blurb about the game:

“Take your water weapons and challenge with/against your friends. Feel the frenzy as water splashes from your weapons can accidentally wet your opponents, your allies, and even yourself! The aim of this game is to create a fun, intense, and exciting shooter with no need of violence. Everyone, regardless of ages, can enjoy Battle Splash as much as they can.

Players can choose one of 4 character classes with different traits and stats so as to bring variety of play styles. These classes are also equipped with a special items based on strength and advantages of the characters. Battle Splash also allows players to equip a set of 4 weapons with no restriction for more fun and frenzy experience. The game will also feature different game modes, providing more challenges to the skilled players.”

I recommend watching the gameplay trailer below to get a better idea of what the game is all about. Bear in mind that this is still very much in the alpha stage, but nonetheless I rather like the colourful and simple artistic style the game is sporting. If you would like to give the Battle Splash open alpha a try, head over to the game’s main website and download the client (available for both Windows and Mac). Enjoy!



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