Black Squad Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Black Squad Closed Beta Key Giveaway - Death by BetaDeath by Beta has partnered with Neowiz to give away a huge number of keys for the upcoming Black Squad closed beta test, so grab one quickly!

Last week I recall briefly hearing about the incoming Black Squad closed beta test. However, as is often the case I was at work at the time and so it slipped my mind to look into it over the weekend. Thankfully, one of our readers emailed Death by Beta yesterday to ask whether we were going to give away any keys for the Black Squad closed beta. That spurred me into action, and so the answer to that question is YES! And thanks to Daniel M. for reminding me about the Black Squad closed beta!

Bryan over at Neowiz, the good folks behind Black Squad was kind enough to send us some information. More importantly, he also sent us a HUGE whack of keys to give away. For those that don’t know, Black Squad is an incoming team-based FPS which pits the Viper Circle, your typical for-profit-global-criminal-mastermind organization, against the Peacemakers, the pesky do-gooders who feel the need to uphold justice. Of course, that is just window dressing for bunch of players merrily pumping hot digital lead into each other. You can check out the Black Squad website for more details.

From what I understand, Black Squad has already been running for a couple of years over in Korea, and they take gaming very seriously so I imagine that the game is now quite fleshed out. This Black Squad closed beta test is really just a test of Black Squad running via Steam before the game launches globally. If you are a fan of team-based FPS games then this is one to check out!

The Black Squad closed beta test runs over two events, one running July 13-15 and the second July 20-22, 8am to 6pm Pacific each day. If you want to jump in on the Black Squad closed beta test then all you need to do is grab a key below and redeem in via Steam. Enjoy!




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