Strange Brigade Testing Registration (maybe)

Strange Brigade Testing RegistrationRebellion recently announced their new co-op game, Strange Brigade, and you can sign up to win a free copy and (maybe) for a chance to test it out down the road!

Just by chance I have been replaying Sniper Elite 3 lately and have been really digging it. I mention that because Rebellion, the good folks behind the Sniper Elite game, recently announced a new co-op game called Strange Brigade.  As it happens. I noticed this morning that the Strange Brigade website has a “Sign Up” button. It isn’t clear to me if this is a newsletter sign up or some form of Strange Brigade testing registration, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

Strange Brigade is being designed as a 1-4 player co-op game that chucks you and your teammates into the 1930s British Empire to fight for king and country! Beyond that there isn’t much in the way of details that I can see from the website other than you will do battle will all kinds of ancient evil. In particular, it appears to have a very ancient Egyptian slant to it. Check out the reveal trailer below to see what I mean.

You will note in that video that the signing up via the Strange Brigade website gives you a chance to win a free copy of the game. It isn’t clear if signing up will also give you a chance at participating in any Strange Brigade testing down the road, so don’t quote me on that. Still, it doesn’t hurt to sign up just in case. Check it out!



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