Skull and Bones Beta Registration

Skull and Bones Beta Registration - Death by BetaUbisoft has announced their upcoming Skulls and Bones pirate naval game, and you can sign up for the Skulls and Bones beta test!

Another day, another announced game from Ubisoft. Actually perhaps that is unfairly simplistic of me. Given that E3 is underway one has to expect lots of game announcements. Anyway, Ubisoft announced this week that it is working on a new wood-and-sail naval game set in the 1700s called Skull and Bones. More importantly for all of us, you can sign up for a chance to participate in the Skull and Bones beta down the road.

I never really got into the Assassin’s Creed games but I hear that Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag was one of the big hits of the franchise due to its inclusion of naval warfare. Ubisoft clearly noticed that and decided having a game focused on just that could be a winner. Please note that Skull and Bones is not an Assassin’s Creed tie-in (at least, not that I know of). Anyway, Skull and Bones is hoping to deliver plenty of pirate based ship action in the Indian Ocean of the 18th century. It will feature plenty of the usual buzz-words: solo and co-op play, multiplayer PvP, shared open world, and so on and so forth.

If you want to check out the game and sign up for the future Skull and Bones beta test, head over to the new Ubisoft website to have a look. You should be redirected to your local Ubisoft website to find the information. Check it out!



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