Crossout Open Beta Test

Crossout Open Beta TestTargem Games have fired up the Crossout open beta test as of May 30, so jump in and test out this post-apocalyptic vehicular MMO!

I actually had to go back and search for when we mentioned Crossout last. It was, in fact, just over a year ago when I talked about the closed beta. I bring that up because as of today the Crossout open beta is underway!

Crossout from Targem Games is an post-apocalyptic vehicular-based MMO in which players must build there own mobile death machines and have it. References to Mad Max continue to be inevitable. Then again, that probably isn’t a bad thing. Anyway, it seems like the game is squarely focused on PvP action although it does sound like some PvE options exist. I recommend reading over the game’s FAQ for more information.

According to the official Crossout open beta announcement, some new content has been added. It sounds like this is a soft launch of the game since it going to be free-to-play once it fully launches. In any case, if you want to get a jump on the game jump into the Crossout open beta whenever you get a chance. Enjoy!



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