Keystone Closed Alpha

Keystone Closed AlphaDigital Extremes is running the first Keystone closed alpha event starting on May 26, so sign up to test out this new shooter and deck building game!

I am a big fan of Warframe. It is currently my most played game on Steam by a wide margin. Sure, it is a touch grindy and repetitious at times, but I enjoy it very much all the same. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn last night that Digital Extremes, the good folks behind Warframe (and fellow Canucks, woot!) are developing a brand new shooter called Keystone. Better yet, the first Keystone closed alpha event starts tomorrow and you can sign up now to a chance to test it out!

There isn’t a lot of information out there yet about Keystone, other than it blends a first person shooting experience with deck-building strategies. Here is a blurb cribbed from the official announcement that may help shed some light on it:

“With the look and feel of the 1970’s retro-pulp era, Keystone will take players on a journey through a multi-verse that begins on the starting square of an intriguing, mystical board game. Players will wield unique decks of cards throughout the match that offer handy benefits, amazing powers, and fearsome weapons. With timing and resourcefulness, personally customized decks give players the upper hand in battle both individually and when strategically coupled with teammates’ decks.”

OK, maybe not that much more information, but nonetheless it might be something that interests may of you. It you want to sign up for the Keystone closed alpha, you can use this referral link to sign up. Note that this referral link was generated via my Keystone closed alpha, and apparently if four or more of us sign up via that link we all get on the priority list. Win-win! Alternatively, if you just want to go your own way, you can find the general sign up via the Keystone website. This first Keystone closed alpha event runs from May 26 to May 29. Check it out!


Keystone Closed Alpha


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