Worlds Adrift Closed Beta

Bossa Studios is firing up the Worlds Adrift closed beta on May 24, and if you want access you will have to purchase access.

I am coming off a four-day holiday weekend during which I was mostly offline. However, last night I did a cursory scan for interesting testing news and I noticed that a couple of sites were mentioning the Worlds Adrift closed beta starting up this week. That seemed odd to me since I am on the mailing list and hadn’t heard anything. But, after a bit of digging, I found that the official Worlds Adrift closed beta announcement will happen tomorrow, and has only been officially mentioned on the Worlds Adrift forums. Nonetheless, this seems like a good time to tell all of you about it!

As I have mentioned previously, Worlds Adrift from Bossa Studios is a sandbox MMORPG in which players explore floating islands in the sky, the remnants of some massive planetary cataclysm. A big part of this involves building, customizing, and flying airships. You can do this solo or team up with other players. Players can also create their own islands for others to explore. If you haven’t heard about Worlds Adrift before now then I recommend checking out the game’s new website that launched back in February.

Since the global announcement won’t hit until tomorrow, I can’t give you many details about the Worlds Adrift closed beta other than it will start up tomorrow, May 24, at 10am PDT. One downside to the Worlds Adrift closed beta is that you can only gain access via purchasing access (see the FAQ here regarding this). That makes this closed beta test more of an early access test in my mind, but oh well. More details of those will be released tomorrow, but if that is of interest to you then I recommend registering on the Worlds Adrift website so that you get on the mailing list and hear about the details as soon as they are released.



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