LawBreakers Closed Beta

LawBreakers Closed BetaBoss Key Productions is running a second LawBreakers closed beta starting on May 18, so sign up for a chance to test out this new team shooter!

For awhile last year it felt like we talked about LawBreakers all the time, what with all of the ongoing alpha events. And then there was the launch of the LawBreakers closed beta a couple of months ago. I assumed that would be the end of reporting on LawBreakers. How silly of me, because according to the email I got this morning there is a second LawBreakers closed beta event firing up in a couple of days on May 18. The fun continues!

For those just joining us, LawBreakers from Boss Key Productions and Nexon is an incoming PvP shooter in which players must think and fight in all three dimensions. This is because the maps feature areas that are, shall we say, gravitationally challenged. This combined with a range of available fighters with unique skills, weapons, and abilities makes for a hectic FPS experience. I played the game in the alpha and it was indeed hectic but fun.

You can check out the information about the second LawBreakers closed beta event here, or watch the video below. If you have already been granted a key for the LawBreakers closed beta then you will still have access this time around. If not, you can still sign up for a chance at a closed beta key. The second LawBreakers closed beta test will run from May 18 to May 21. Check it out!



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