Starfall Tactics Alpha Character Test

Starfall Tactics Alpha Character TestSnowforged Entertainment is currently running another Starfall Tactics alpha test, and you can still sign up to participate!

First of all, I feel the need to apologize once again to everyone. I am working the equivalent of two full-time jobs right now outside of working on Death by Beta. Life is very busy and so it can be difficult to keep up with posting news items. But I am trying! Anyway, one piece of news I missed over the weekend but that happens to be still relevant is that a new Starfall Tactics alpha testing event fired up this week. Better yet, you can still sign up to participate!

Not all that long ago, there was a stream of Starfall Tactics news posts around here so I feel that most of you are probably familiar to the game. Three-way faction battles for galactic domination, lots of space fleet customization options, tactical RTS gameplay, and so on and so forth. I will happily point you to the Starfall Tactics website for more details.

And while you are there, sign up for an alpha key. Vasilisa Sergeeva over at Snowforged Entertainment mentioned that they check for new Starfall Tactics alpha sign-ups daily, so you won’t have to wait long to grab a key. This particular Starfall Tactics alpha test event runs until May 1 so you still have a few days to check it out. Read over the Starfall Tactics alpha character test announcement for more details. Enjoy!



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