Games of Glory Open Beta

Games of Glory Open BetaLightbulb Crew is firing up the Games of Glory open beta on April 25, so get ready to test out this new team-based isometric PvP arena shooter!

Well, as should be no surprise, the Games of Glory open beta is following hot on the heels of the closed beta. Lightbulb Crew have just announced that the Games of Glory open beta will go live next week on April 25!

As I have mentioned on several occasions in the past (and some of those quite recently), Games of Glory is a new top-down isometric team-based PvP arena shooter and brawler. That was quite a mouthful. Games of Glory features a lot of stuff that you would expect from similar games these days, such as a variety of heroes with unique skills. The ability to equip every hero with your choice of weapons and the relevant weapon skill trees is a very cool feature as well. This allows you to combine your favourite hero (or Clones as they are called in the game) with your favourite type of weapon. Different strokes for different folks!

There is a brand new Games of Glory open beta trailer that you can check out below just for kicks. The announcement email I received a few minutes ago didn’t have a lot of details about the open beta other than it will start on April 25 for both PC and PS4. Presumably for the PC it will launch via Steam. I recommend keeping an eye on the Games of Glory Twitter account for more details as they emerge. Check it out!



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