Virtual Earth Online Open Beta

Virtual Earth Online Open BetaThe Virtual Earth Online open beta is underway, and you can download the client now in order to your own block of online real estate and test the game!

Update, April 6: VEO Games wanted us to let everyone know that they are currently running a “Build Off Competition” within the Virtual Earth Online open beta. Testers can build anything they wish on their plot of land and submit it for judging. There are some PayPal cash prizes up for grabs for the top three winners. If you wish to participate you will need to register your in-game name with Once you do that you will be sent the details. Enjoy!

Whoops. Here is some news that I was emailed about last week but simply neglected to post about because I am dumb. Gavin McDonald from VEO Games down under in Oz emailed us about the ongoing Virtual Earth Online open beta. He wanted us to give it a try and presumably let all of you know about it as well.

I haven’t yet tried it for fear of losing the rest of my life in an online world. I say that because Virtual Earth Online is clearly thinking big and thinking long. If I am understanding this correctly, the entire planet has been taken from Google Maps and transformed into a Minecraft-esque online MMORPG game, including all of the houses. Players can grab a block of land and start developing it using the in-game tools and materials. Here is a quote from Gavin’s email regarding the Virtual Earth Online open beta:

It is free currently but once the game fully launches through Steam it will cost $20 per block. Players can then develop the land and sell for real money on the real estate page. You can also check out the huge building ability and materials too, create whatever your imagination can think of. You can do this on your purchased block or any vacant land. Players are really giving some excellent feedback on this and sending us some awesome screenshots.

VEO will grow in to a large community of like-minded people, you will be able to meet up with friends and contacts with in the virtual world and talk to them face to face, interact, walk around and build together. The game is only the beginning. Once it becomes self-funding then real life shopping malls will be built in to the game, allowing online shopping in 3D. Companies or self-employed people will rent virtual office space and casinos will go live.”

That part about selling actual in-game real estate for money should interest many players. I noticed that the West Edmonton Mall (a bit of a Canadian icon as shopping malls go) is already listed for sale. Crazy!

So, if you want to jump into the Virtual Earth Online open beta and grab a piece of land before it costs money then I suggest you head over to the game’s website to register and grab the client. Enjoy!



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