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Dauntless Alpha RegistrationPhoenix Labs is going to be running a Dauntless alpha test soon, and you can sign up now for a chance to test out this incoming co-op monster hunt RPG!

Back at the end of last year I mentioned a new co-op game being developed here in Vancouver called Dauntless. At that time, the Dauntless closed beta registration and name reservation went live. And now yesterday, Phoenix Labs announced that they are also going to be running a Dauntless alpha test, and you can sign up now for a chance to participate!

Dauntless from Phoenix Labs is a co-op monster hunt game. That sounds a bit like Evolve although in this case the theme is a bit more fantasy rather than guns and lasers. Personally I think every game is made better by players running around with giant hammers. It is also more RPG by the sounds of it. Oh, I also don’t believe anyone has the option of playing the monster although don’t quote me on that. In any case, it sounds like it could be a really fun co-op game, and it is worth checking out. Have a look at the gameplay trailer below to see what I mean.

If you want to sign up for a chance to test out the game, you can find the Dauntless alpha registration form here. You will need to submit a DXDiag report so make sure you sign up from your gaming rig. Also, you need to link the alpha registration to an existing Dauntless account. If you don’t yet have a Dauntless account you can sign up for one here. Get on it!





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