Master X Master Closed Beta Registration

Master X Master Closed Beta RegistrationThe Master X Master closed beta registration is now live for the beta starting on April 6, so sign up for a chance to test out this new MOBA from NCSoft!

Here is some interesting news that I noticed via Rock Paper Shotgun this morning. Apparently NCSoft is diving into the MOBA genre with Master X Master (I guess this was announced last year but I didn’t hear about it). Better yet, the Master X Master closed beta registration is already live!

I guess the world just really needs another MOBA. At least, NCSoft clearly thinks so. Master X Master will feature the typical range of heroes to choose from, and in this case some of them will be drawn from NCSofts catalogue of games (it worked for Blizzard!). This is where the news gets particular interesting, because one of the revealed Masters is none other than Statesman himself, the iconic NPC hero from NCSoft’s now defunt City of Heroes. Sigh…CoH was one of my earliest MMORPG dives, and I miss those days. Ah well, at least Statesman will live on, although he not be thrilled to live on in a MOBA.

In any case, if you are interested in testing yet another MOBA, you can find the Master X Master closed beta registration form here. The Master X Master closed beta is slated to run from April 6 to April 27, and you can read more details here. Check it out!



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