Rend Pre-alpha Registration

Rend Pre-alpha RegistrationFrostkeep Studios is looking for some testers for the Rend pre-alpha, so sign up for a chance to test out this incoming multiplayer survival game!

Now that PAX East has wrapped up, everyone is scurrying to cover all of the exciting news that was revealed. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend (PAX Prime is more my thing), but I have been reading up on the news via other sources. One piece of interesting news that I read about via Massisvely OP this morning was the newly revealed Rend. More importantly, the Rend pre-alpha registration is currently live and waiting for you to sign up.

Rend from Frostkeep Studios is a multiplayer survival game that is meant to level the playing field for all players, in a manner of speaking. Players can join one of three factions on any given server and work to build up their faction’s base.  Once a week, at a per-determined time, all three bases become vulnerable to both the NPC monsters and other players. Do you help defend your base or assault another faction’s base? That is up to you.

Once one faction wins by outlasting the other two and harvesting enough resources, rewards are dolled out and the server wipes to start over. All of this information and more is available on the Rend website and the Rend Steam early access page. I recommend that you read it over because I am not doing it justice. You can also watch the gameplay video below to check it out in action.

The Rend early access won’t be available for a month or two, but you can already sign up for the Rend pre-alpha. If you are into multiplayer survival games then I suggest getting over there and signing up!



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