Decksplash Alpha Registration

Decksplash Alpha RegistrationThe next Decksplash alpha testing event is coming up, and the deadline to register to test out this new skateboarding game is March 16!

I seem to recall hearing about Decksplash previously but it appears I didn’t report on the last testing event. No matter, let me rectify that by telling you that the next Decksplash alpha testing event is incoming and that you can sign up now for a chance to participate!

Decksplash is brought to us by Bossa Studios, the same developers that are working on Worlds Adrift. Decksplash is a skateboarding game that, at least from what I can see, is all about the board itself and had nothing to do with the rider. It also involves paint. Huh? Well, from what I understand, at least in the multiplayer, your board and the tricks your perform cover the park with your paint. Whichever teams has more paint wins the match. Or something like that. I dunno…here, read the blurb I cribbed from the Decksplash Steam page:

“Team up and take on your opponents in fast and frantic 3 vs 3 arcade-multiplayer turf-war action. Spin, grind and splash your deck as you battle your opponents to cover the arena with your paint. If your team’s paint has covered more of the arena’s territory by the end of the match than your opponents, you’ve won!”

There you go, crystal clear. If that sounds like something you want to jump into, you can sign up for the next Decksplash alpha testing event here. The deadline for registering is March 16 at midnight, so get on it! Check out the video below for more information.




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