Quake Champions Closed Beta Registration

Quake Champions Closed Beta RegistrationThe Quake Champions closed beta registration is now live, so sign up for a chance to test out this latest iteration of the classic Quake Arena!

Well, I imagine this news has already made the rounds yesterday, but I happened to see it this morning via MMOGames strangely enough. Apparently id and Bethesda are going to fire up the Quake Champions closed beta soon, and you can register now for a chance to play!

Years ago I was heavily into Quake Arena PvP. This was back when I still had decent reflexes and was feeling competitively aggressive. Even though I am not as bloodthirsty for PvP action these days, I still have fond memories of the Quake games. Seeing a brand new Quake game therefore warms my heart. It was one of the early FPS game that helped define the FPS genre. Hell, the original Quake was the first game to use and popularize using the mouse for aiming! As you can imagine, this incoming Quake will up the ante by using modern visuals courtesy of the latest id game engine. Check out the new Quake Champions closed beta game trailer below to see the game in action.

You can check out the official Quake Champions announcement here for more information. The game also has a spanky new website where you can register for the Quake Champions closed beta, so get over there and sign up!



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