Games of Glory Closed Beta Weekend

Games of Glory Closed Beta WeekendThere will be a Games of Glory closed beta weekend starting on March 10, so grab a key in order to test out this top down PvP arena shooter!

Well glory be (yes, genius, pun intended)! Games of Glory is finally heading into beta, and to start things off there will be a Games of Glory closed beta test this coming weekend!

Wow, it has been how long since I talked about Games of Glory from Lightbulb Crew? Almost two years I think. I had a chance to try out the very early alpha three years ago and even wrote up a hands-on about the game at that time. Admittedly I haven’t really checked in on the game since it went to early access on Steam, but it is gratifying to see that it is still alive and well and moving forward! Plus, I imagine a lot has changed in the game since then.

For those that haven’t heard about Games of Glory previously, it is a top down PvP team arena shooter with a variety of heroes. One of the cool things about Games of Glory that I noted a few years and that appears to still be true is that you can outfit your hero (or Clones as they are called) with a variety of weapons. This allows you to tailor any hero more towards your style of play. You can also create some interesting combinations since each hero has their own set of abilities as well.

If you want to snag a key for the Games of Glory closed beta you can do so here. It appears that you have to accumulate points in order to unlock a Steam or PS4 key, but if you don’t mind that then you can grab a key for the Games of Glory closed beta that start this Friday on March 10. Enjoy!



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