Overload Demo 2.0

Overload Demo 2.0The new Overload demo is now available for testing ahead of the early access test, so try out this crazy new six degree of freedom ship shooter!

I fondly remember the original Descent games. They provided some crazy six-degress-of-freedom combat, although I can’t claim that I was ever any good at it. In any case, it seems that there are several games in the works that are trying to recapture that magic. One of those is Overload, and the Overload demo is now up on Steam!

Overload is being developed by Revival Productions, and I guess they ran a successful Overload Kickstarter last year. There was an early Overload demo released at that time, and this new demo is a 2.0 of that teaser. For those that aren’t familiar with the old Descent game, essentially you pilot a ship through some fairly claustrophobic maps that use all three dimensions to the fullest. Flying with full six degrees of freedom can be mind bending and it is easy to become disoriented. Check out the demo trailer below to see what I mean.

Like the Descent games, you will be able to customize your ship with a variety of weapons and upgrades. And of course one can expect some crazy PvP although it appears that multiplayer will be added as a free expansion down the road. For now, it is worth checking out the Overload demo to see what you think. You can download the demo via Steam, or if you prefer you can grab the DRM-free demo here. The Overload early access goes live next week. Enjoy!



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