Dynasty Feud Open Beta

Dynasty Feud Open BetaKaia Studios needs some testers for the Dynasty Feud open beta that fires up on March 10, so sign up in order to test out this new multiplayer brawler!

Just a few minutes ago, Death by Beta received an email regarding Dynasty Feud, a new multiplayer brawler from the folks at Kaia Studios over in Spain. More importantly for all of you, the Dynasty Feud open beta begins next week!

Dynasty Feud is all about fast paced side-scrolling multiplayer bashing. As the name should suggests, players will be able to choose characters from eight different dynasties, each with their own characters (40 in total). Perhaps the official blurb from the email will describe it:

“Dynasty Feud is a 2D fighting game, a multiplayer party brawler that pits unique teams of characters against each other in a series of pulse-racing rounds. With up to eight different dynasties battling it out across sprawling dynamic maps at once, the action is fast, hectic as players try to outwit each other in frantic battles. With every dynasty having a unique fighting style, characters, abilities and weapons, no two games are ever the same. And with its online and local multiplayer modes, you can choose between facing opponents from all over the world or fighting friends in your own couch!”

What is also interesting is that, according to the Dynasty Feud Steam page, player will be able to create their own dynasty, adding a lot of variability. Sounds like it could be fun! Check out the gameplay video below for a look at the upcoming action.

The Dynasty Feud open beta starts on Friday, March 10, and runs until April 9. Each week two different dynasties will be on rotation for testing. It also sounds like the best players from the open beta will receive extra keys for the game and extra prizes. Despite being an open beta, you will need to register. Head over to the Dynasty Feud website to find the registration form. Enjoy!



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