Ashes of Creation Alpha and Beta Registration

Ashes of Creation Alpha and Beta RegistrationThere is a weekly drawing to give away keys for the Ashes of Creation alpha and beta testing, so sign up for a chance to test out this incoming MMORPG!

I noticed several gaming news sites this morning mentioning the new Ashes of Creation gameplay video that was release this morning. I figured that it was worth a look since I hadn’t heard about the game previously. Lo and behold, it appears that the Ashes of Creation alpha and beta registration is currently running, with weekly drawings to give away keys!

I know almost nothing about Ashes of Creation from Intrepid Studios other than what I have read this morning. It is an incoming MMORPG that is built using the Unreal Engine and aims to deliver plenty of MMORPG goodness, plus more. I think most MMORPG fans will find plenty to love, and the way that the game world is supposed to change based on the actions and choices of the players sounds intriguing. It is well worth giving the Ashes of Creation website a look for more information, including the game’s About and FAQ pages. I also recommend giving the gameplay trailer below a look because the game looks great so far!

If you would like to sign up for a chance to win an Ashes of Creation alpha or beta key then you can find the entry form here. Check it out!



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