Revelation Online Open Beta Incoming

Revelation Online Open Beta is launching the Revelation Online open beta on March 6, and you can grab a Founder’s Pack to reserve your name and play early!

It feels like it has been some time since we talked about Revelation Online. Nonetheless, there is good reason to mention it again since details about the incoming Revelation Online open beta were released this week.

Revelation Online is an MMORPG developed in China and being brought to us Westerners by From the sounds of it, the game has plenty going for it. At the very least it has everything you might expect from an MMORPG: exploration, dungeons and raids, lots of PvE content, plenty of PvP modes, and so on. Oh, it also has player flight once you earn your wings (literally, it seems). There is also a big focus on player interaction and relationships, whatever that means. I recommend reading over the game’s About page for more information.

The Revelation Online open beta is set to launch on March 6. Those that have purchased Founder’s Packs will be able to play via early access that starts on February 27. Also, name reservation is underway for the different Founder’s Pack tiers, so if that matters to you then you should check out the Revelation Online open beta announcement for more details. Check it out!



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