Heavy Metal Machines Open Beta

Heavy Metal Machines Open BetaCheck out the Heavy Metal Machines open beta on Steam and try out this multiplayer destruction racing game with MOBA elements!

Here is a piece of news that I noticed this morning via MMOGames.com. The Heavy Metal Machines open beta fired up this week via Steam and is waiting for you to jump in!

Heavy Metal Machines from Hoplon appears to be a more lighthearted approach to the Mad Max view of the world. You know the one…the apocalypse has come and gone and everyone drives death machines. Hoplon describe the game as being a cross between a top-down destruction derby game and a MOBA. Here is a blurb taken from the official game guide:

“Heavy Metal Machines is a multiplayer versus, 4v4, car racing/destruction game. It is also a blend between old-school car destruction derby games, such as Rock N’ Roll Racing, and the MOBA genre. However, we do not consider HMM a MOBA. There are no lanes, towers, or minions. It’s fast paced, action packed while still keeping its depth, strategy, and a clear goal. In HMM, you’ll battle against the enemy team to grab the bomb and deliver it to their base, while being chased to death by opponents who need to do just the same.”

Players can drive one of three types of cars: Transporters, Support, and Interceptors. Each of the roles focus on delivering the bomb, stealing the bomb, or repairing their team. I recommend reading over the game’s website and game guide for more details. And check out the Heavy Metal Machines open beta trailer below as well. It looks like it could be really fun!

Jumping into the Heavy Metal Machines open beta is quite easy via Steam, so get in their and bring the pain! Enjoy!



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