Total War: Arena Alpha

Total War: Arena AlphaApparently the Total War: Arena alpha test is underway, and the third alpha test event happens this coming weekend for those lucky enough to get an invite.

Well, holy cow! Apparently the Total War: Arena alpha is underway. I say “holy cow” because this has been a long time coming. I dug through our history and we mentioned the Total War: Arena alpha registration over two years ago! From what I gather from the Total War: Arena twitter, the alpha events started back in November. Clearly I missed that news simply because I had long stopped watching for it. My bad! In any case, I did notice over the weekend that they third Total War: Arena alpha event starts this coming Friday, January 27.

I am trying to rack my brain to recall information about Total War: Arena from Creative Assembly. Something about intense 10v10 tactical RTS battles, and that it was decidedly trying to not be a MOBA. Oh and it is supposed to be free-to-play in some fashion. Perhaps have a look at the Total War: Arena wiki for more information, because the official website is sorely lacking in details.

Actually, I have to say that this news is a bit bizarre to me. After digging through the Total War: Arena news over the past year, it sounds like there was actually a closed beta at one point. Say what? I am confused about how this has all played out. In any case, the Total War: Arena alpha seems to be underway now…or again as the case may be.

The official forums state that is the place to sign up for the Total War: Arena alpha. However, I don’t see any registration link per se. You can sign up for the newsletter so presumably that is the current registration method. The Total War: Arena Facebook page mentions that invites start going out tomorrow, January 24, so I recommend sign up quickly for a shot at it. Check it out!



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