The Exiled Open Early Access Event Incoming

The Exiled Open Early Access Event IncomingThe Exiled early access is approaching, and Fairytale Distillery will be running an Exiled open early access testing event on February 23!

I have to say that this news instills a touch of sadness within me. As many of you know, The Exiled (formerly Das Tal) has become one of our mainstays for news reporting. This is, in no small part, due to the many testing events that they have run and the many key giveaways they have held via Death by Beta. But, sadly, all things must come to an end. In February, The Exiled will officially enter early access testing on Steam. That means that the game will begin it’s transition out of DBB’s purview as it moves towards launch. Still, all is not lost, because there will still be some relevant testing news to cover about the game until then. Case in point: Fairytale Distillery will be holding an Exiled open early access event during the first seven days after the early access launch!

I recommend that you have a careful read of the official early access announcement posted on the game’s website. Or, if you prefer, you can read it over on Steam. If you have tried The Exiled in the alpha testing and liked what you saw, or if you have simply been waiting to try out this PvP-centric sandbox MMO, then this open early access event is for you. However, it is important to note that previous alpha access will not carry over into the early access test.

The Exiled open early access event will start on February 23. Once it ends, players will have a few options for continuing with the game in the form of supporter packs. Each of these packs will grant permanent access to the game going forward. I will post again about the Exiled open early access test as it draws closer, but for now you can read over all of the information. Don’t forget to wish list the game on Steam as well.

The Exiled is growing up and leaving the house!



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