uGen Alpha Registration

uGen Alpha RegistrationThe uGen alpha is underway, and uGen needs more gamers to help test out their new UGC gaming and creation platform for PC and VR!

OK, here is some news that is a little bit different. Yesterday, Troy Hewitt from uGen in Seattle emailed us here at DBB to give us the low down on a new alpha testing opportunity for their new project. But, while it does involve game testing it isn’t a game test per se. It also doesn’t have a game name in itself, so I will simply call it the uGen alpha test.

What uGen is developing, from what I understand, is a platform that will allow gamers to generate gaming content. This seems to be particularly aimed at gamers with VR tech (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc.) although standard PC gamers can still get in on the action. The platform itself is called the UGC Platform although that doesn’t really tell you much. You can read over this official announcement for a bit more information about the platform. Additionally, here is some official information sent to me by Troy:

“uGen is testing a game that HTC Vive & PC gamers can play together. Join co-op matches against AI or go straight-up PVP! Feeling creative? Solo players can build and play their own levels and submit them directly to us!

Directed by user feedback and fueled by user generated content, regular updates will give players more of the things they enjoy, and less of the things that suck. On our way to building a full-featured UGC system using the Steam Workshop, we will be accepting UGC submissions for new death match types and potentially releasing them to our Steam community! In the future, builders will be able to build, share, and play using all of our game types and in-game items.

Currently, you can build and play multi-player death matches with an ever-expanding list of special weapons and in-game tools like: jet packs, bazookas, stun guns, grappling hooks, and a wide variety of blocks that range in color and function.”

For now, uGen are running weekly testing events, with the next one happening this coming Friday (January 20) at 6pm Pacific. It sounds like most of the testing will be of some death match games built within the UGC platform. Eventually this testing will be expanded to allow testers to build and submit their own content for a variety of game modes such as Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Sounds fun!

I am afraid there aren’t any videos or screenshots available of the UGC Platform so I can’t show you what it looks like. Nonetheless, if this is something you would like to get in on and help test out then you can find the uGen alpha registration form here. Check it out!


uGen Alpha Registration


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