Yet Another Starfall Tactics Pre-alpha Test

Yet Another Starfall Tactics Pre-alpha TestIt appears that there is yet another Starfall Tactics pre-alpha testing event incoming, and we still have some keys for this tactical space fleet game!

Another day, another Starfall Tactics pre-alpha test! I have honestly lost track of how many testing events Starfall Tactics has gone through. But hey, more testing events means more testing opportunities for everyone.

If it matters, this testing event also includes a competition event. The Starfall Tactics Winter Cup will allow players to compete for the honour of being hailed as the top Commander. If that is your type of thing then you may want to check it out. For the rest of us mortals, this testing event will once again be an opportunity to try out this new tactical space fleet game with lots of ship customization and galaxy conquest gameplay.

This particular Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event starts on January 23 and runs until January 29. Check out the official announcement for more details. If you would like to test out the game, you can sign up for the pre-alpha. Better yet, we still have a few Starfall Tactics pre-alpha keys available, which you can grab below. Enjoy!

Note: by the way, and this is something I didn’t know before today, Starfall Tactics only runs on 64-bit machines. Those of you still using a 32-bit version of Windows are out of luck 🙁




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