Happy New Year, 2017!

Happy New Year, 2017!Yeah, I know, this well wishing from us is a couple days late. I was very busy with visiting family up until last night. Phil is still on the road as well so we haven’t really been able to man the fort, so to speak. Luckily, from what I can tell there hasn’t been huge amounts of testing news flying around so I don’t think we have missed all that much. Hopefully.

So, 2017! Wow, it is crazy to think that Death by Beta has been running for almost four years now in some shape or form. I think we started in March of 2013. What started as a small site to keep a small gaming clan informed of testing news has definitely grown into something bigger. We of course are still small compared to the giant news sites out there. Nonetheless, we continue our mission to bring you only news related to PC game tests that we feel that our readers want to know about.

Over the past three years we have gained a dedicated following of regular readers. We have also more recently joined the PCGamesN network of sites in order to help the site pay for itself. I for one am not a fan of having ads, but it helps keep the lights on. It also helped us setup and pay for a new server host that is far more reliable and much faster than our old hosts. Hopefully everyone has noticed the improved performance.

In any case, Phil and I, as well as the past contributors such as Doug, Nick, and Paul, want to thank all of you for your continued support over the past few years. Death by Beta will continue to be here to bring you interesting PC game testing news in 2017!

Thanks, and here is to another great year!


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