For Honor Beta Registration

For Honor Beta RegistrationThe For Honor beta registration is live, so sign up for a chance to test out this incoming hack’n’slash game from Ubisoft!

So let me think, I believe it was July or August when we implored you to sign up for the For Honor alpha test. If you happened to miss out on that, fret not because it appears that Ubisoft are now sign-ups for the For Honor beta!

As I said last time, For Honor is Ubisoft’s upcoming brutal hack’n’slash game. There is quite a bit more information about the game, including the single player campaigns and the multiplayer game modes. It sounds like the single player campaign will involve stories from each of the Samurai, Viking, and Knight factions. Better yet, the campaign is playable as two player co-op. You can check out the game trailer below for more insight into the single player campaign. Or, for the really bloodthirty among you, the PvP modes might be more your thing. Dominion (4v4), Duel (1v1), Brawl (2v2) modes should give every PvP player something to dive into. I recommend checking out the official For Honor site for more information.

And while you are there, don’t forgot to sign up for the beta. As per usual, Ubisoft demands that we use their multi-locale website system to sign up. Hopefully it is easy to find the For Honor beta registration button on each of the sites. Good luck!



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6 thoughts on “For Honor Beta Registration

  1. Been following this game for about a year now. Would love a chance to play it. I play games constantly, so I have nothing but time to give feedback and play test.

  2. I have seen allot about this game and it seems amazing and i would really like to try it. Email me back as soon as possible

  3. I am new to Beta Testing, but I’d still like to believe that I’d be of some sort of help in playing this game with others.

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