Revere Demo

Revere DemoCheck out the Revere demo that is available on Steam, and try out this new indie RPG game developed by Strashiner Studios!

I have to catch up on a bunch of news that has piled up over the past week. To start that off, let me tell you about the Revere demo that is currently available on Steam.

Revere, or A Story at the End – Revere as it is properly called, is an indie RPG being developed by Darrell Wijaya and Strashiner Studios. To speed this along, here is the official blurb about the game that was emailed to Death by Beta:

“This game features a hybrid combat system (be prepared for both turn-based, and at times, real-time action), a crafting system to make potions and upgrade weapons, and an adjustable encounter rate so that you can play the game as you like. The game aims to tell a tale of redemption, and is story-rich in nature. When the story’s protagonist, Troy, starts questioning the actions of his people, the Lumerians,┬áhe realizes the terror and destruction they cause. He sets off on a quest to do what he can to end the empire’s tyranny on the place he once called home.”

The game features a retro-styled console look to it, an artistic style that seems to be making quite the comeback. If this is something you are interested in checking out then I recommend heading over to Steam and downloading the Revere demo. Enjoy!



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