Dauntless Closed Beta Registration

Dauntless Closed Beta RegistrationSign up for the Dauntless closed beta for a chance down the road to help test out this new co-op hunt game from Vancouver’s Phoenix Labs!

Yet another incoming game and testing opportunity from some fellow Vancouverites. This week Phoenix Labs announced their upcoming co-op game called Dauntless. And of course I wouldn’t be mentioning it if there wasn’t already some testing opportunity to sign up for. Indeed, you can register for the Dauntless closed beta starting now!

As I said, Dauntless is being developed as a co-op game. Four player co-op to be exact. Players must traverse a series of floating islands to hunt and bring down large monsters. That sounds like a cross between Worlds Adrift and Evolve without another player controlling the monster. I really recommend checking out the game’s website and watching the trailer below because it looks like it could be an awesome game! I especially like the look of the combat from what I have seen on the Dauntless website.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Dauntless closed beta while you are checking out the website. Signing up will also add you to the mailing list, and the response email you will receive has links to lots of game details. Check it out!



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4 thoughts on “Dauntless Closed Beta Registration

    • i played monster hunter unite and monster hunter 3rd I’m a huge fan this types of games please i will test it and play on the close beta. I belive that Dauntless will be a great game. i will konw how you will do the crafting system because it is a important part of the game

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