The Exiled Final Alpha Key Giveaway

The Exiled Final Alpha Key GiveawayThe Exiled final alpha test is upon us, and we have some keys to give away. Act fast to grab an alpha key for this new PvP-centric sandbox MMO!

You may not realize it, but we have probably covered The Exiled and its alpha test more than any other game around here. That is because the good folks at Fairytale Distillery have been so incredibly interactive and communicative with us. Thus, we have been kept in the loop on the testing every step of the way almost from the very start. And now, the alpha test has reached the end of the road with the final alpha test event for The Exiled starting up today. Better yet, we have a big whack of alpha keys to give away!

The Exiled, previously known as Das Tal, is a PvP-centric MMO sandbox game. Or perhaps to say it as the The Exiled website says it, a game where MOBA combat meets an MMO sandbox. Given how often we have covered the game, I doubt any of you need more background info. I will say that The Exiled final alpha test does represent a significantly improved version of the game. If you like you can read more details about it here.

But the main point is that we more alpha keys to give away! You can find the Exiled final alpha key giveaway widget below and you know the drill. Enter your email address and we will email you a key! Act fast because once they are gone, that is all she wrote! Enjoy!




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