Sea of Thieves Inside Programme

Sea of Thieves Inside ProgrammeSign up for the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme to stay in the loop on this multiplayer pirate game and for a chance to help test it out!

A couple of days ago Death by Beta received an email from the Sea of Thieves mailing list. That was a bit odd since I don’t recall us ever signing up for that. Regardless, it was fortuitous because the email let us know about the new Sea of Thieves Insider Programme that is now up and running. If you are interested in some salty pirate multiplayer action then this is indeed a game to check out!

Sea of Thieves is being developed by team Rare and Microsoft. That right away should tell you that this is going to be an Xbox Live and Windows 10 exclusive game. I don’t really know much about Sea of Thieves, and the official website doesn’t really offer that much information other than it is a multiplayer game full of pirates. But if the gameplay video is any indication, there should be plenty of sailing, plundering, broadsides, and walking the plank to be had. Yaaaarrr!

The Sea of Thieves Insider Programme is primarily about keeping interested players in the loop about the game’s progression. However, the big perk is that some of those that sign up for the Insider Programme will be selected to help test out the game. That sounds like a good reason to sign up! Bear in mind that you will need an Xbox Live account to sign up. If you don’t have one you then the sign up process will direct you to set one up. Check it out!



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