Synaria Demo and Kickstarter

synaria-postCheck out the Synaria demo, and help provide valuable feedback for this early development RPG/FPS hybrid that is being made by one guy!

[Update, Dec 12: Kyota emailed us to let us know that Synaria now has a new website and a new Steam Greenlight page, and you may want to check them out as well.]

Just over a week ago, Death by Beta received an email from Kyota Nakreos, a solo developer who is working on his own project dubbed Synaria. Over the course of the past week we have been emailing back and forth so that I can learn more about Synaria, and I think it is now time to tell all of you about it. In particular, Kyota is very much hoping for players to try out the Synaria demo and provide feedback on the game.

Kyota desribes Synaria as a multiplayer RPG/FPS hybrid with a futuristic supernatural mythological twist on the setting. Players will be able to use a variety of combat techniques from melee to magic, and will also have access to an alter ego form that will enhance or change their abilities. Plus the game will feature hoverbikes, and I for one think that there is a tragic lack of hoverbikes in games these days. There also happens to be a Synaria Kickstarter running that Kyota is using to help promote the project. He was also kind enough to upload a gameplay video last night to give you a glimpse into the game.

Bear in mind that Synaria is very early in development and made by one guy. Kyota is eager to get feedback, so if you have some time to spare and want to try out the Synaria demo he would very much appreciate it. You can join the Synaria Steam group in order to submit feedback. Enjoy!



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