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shadow-tactics-postCheck out the Shadow Tactics demo from Mimimi Productions and try out this new isometric tactical stealth game ahead of the game’s launch!

So here is a really cool demo that I heard about in an indirect fashion. As you know, we have covered The Exiled (formerly called Das Tal) extensively over the past couple of years. As a result, the guys from Fairytale Distillery are very friendly with us here at Death by Beta. Alexander Zacherl from Fairytale Distillery emailed me yesterday to tell me about another game that some of his friends are finishing upcalled Shadow Tactics. Better yet, the Shadow Tactics demo is already available via Steam and GoG ahead of the launch in December.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is being developed by Mimimi Productions, and if you like tactical stealth games then this is one to check out. I tried the demo last night for a bit and it is pretty kick ass. If you ever played the old Commando: Behind Enemy Lines or the lesser known Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood then you will already have a good idea of how Shadow Tactics feels.

In this case, the game takes place in Edo-era Japan and gives the player control of up five different characters that you can control in real time to complete various missions. The gameplay is viewed from a top-down isometric viewpoint using some slick looking cel shaded visuals (or at least partially cel shaded). Gameplay is really tight, and players can choose a variety of tactics to navigate the levels and complete the missions. Each character is unique with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Plus, the game incorporates some really nice mechanics for stealth and coordinating actions. Check out the trailer video below for a glimpse into the gameplay.

Anyway, I am starting to wax poetic a bit here. I was a big fan of the Commando games and Shadow Tactics is scratching an itch that I forgot existed. I highly recommend checking out the Shadow Tactics demo and giving it a try. The demo is essentially a beta version of the game from what I understand. You can download the demo either via Steam or via GOG. Enjoy!



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