Cloud Pirates Closed Beta Registration

Cloud Pirates Closed Beta RegistrationThe Cloud Pirates closed beta is about to enter its second phase, and you can still sign up for a chance to test out this MMO with flying pirate ships!

So here is another game that I hadn’t heard about previously. Not that I know about every game under the sun, but in this case Cloud Pirates is about to enter its second closed beta test and it is a shame that I missed it earlier. Oh well, I know about it now via and thus I can let all of you know that Cloud Pirates closed beta registration is still open and looking for more testers!

Is it just me or is does there seem to be an increasing number of MMOs featuring flying ships in the past few years? Cloud Pirates from Allods Team and appears to be another one joining the club, and I must say that I like the look of it. Players are given the rudder of flying blimp pirate ships and sent of into the wild blue yonder to explore and fight as they like. Better yet, every ship and crew can be upgraded in a number of ways. If such an MMO sounds cool to you then I really recommend reading over the official posts regarding ship upgrading and the game’s combat mechanics. You may also want to check out the new closed beta trailer below for a glimpse of the game.

The second Cloud Pirates closed beta phase sets sail on November 23 so there is still time to sign up for a chance to test out the game. You can register via the big red button on the game’s website. You can also purchase a Founder’s Pack for guaranteed closed beta access. Check it out!



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