Cleo’s Lost Idols Open Beta

Cleo's Lost Idols Open BetaCheck out the Cleo’s Lost Idols open beta and help test out this new sandbox construction and puzzle game from Chilled Mouse!

Just a few minutes ago Death by Beta received an email from Chilled Mouse regarding their latest game in development: Cleo’s Lost Idols. More importantly for all of you reading this, the Cleo’s Lost Idols open beta is currently underway!

Cleo’s Lost Idols is, as far as I can tell, a sort of cross between a puzzle game and a sandbox construction game. Oh, and with some light humour thrown in for good measure. Essentially, you must somehow guide a bunch of not-so-smart workers in ancient Egypt to construct a bunch of monuments for Cleopatra. As the official blurb from the email states:

“Cleo’s Lost Idols is a unique and whimsical game in which players must restore Empress Cleopatra’s misplaced statues. Set in a comedic Ancient Egypt, this construction site chaos is the ultimate Sandbox game! Direct your workers by giving orders and manipulating physics obstacles: move boulders, push blocks, avoid fire traps and dodge the swinging spikes. Don’t let Cleopatra give you the Needle! Across over 25 tricky levels, there’s emergent gameplay and comedy outcomes to create: buildings to wreck, crates to smash, coins to collect, even a hot tub!”

If that sounds like something you would be interested in then I recommend that you head over to the game’s website and request a free Steam key for the Cleo’s Lost Idols open beta. Enjoy!



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