Starfall Tactics Faction Wars Pre-Alpha Test and Keys

Starfall Tactics Faction Wars Pre-Alpha Test and KeysThe Starfall Tactics Factions Wars pre-alpha test starts on November 17 featuring some new PvP aspects of the game, and we have some keys available!

Let’s see now, it was back in the summer when we last mentioned the Starfall Tactics pre-alpha test. In fact, we were giving out keys to the test back then as well. Well, it is time once again to talk about the Starfall Tactics pre-alpha because a new chapter in the test is incoming. Starting on November 17, the Starfall Tactics Faction Wars pre-alpha test will fire up. Better yet, we still have some keys available for those that would like to participate!

Vasilisa Sergeeva from Snowforged Entertainment was kind enough to reach out to us here at Death by Beta to let us know about the incoming pre-alpha test event. The big new feature that is being implemented for this next pre-alpha testing event is the new territory control aspect of the game. While these features will still be in a rather basic form, players will be able to establish faction guild houses, build space stations, claim neutral territories, and attack enemy held territories. Essentially, this new Starfall Tactics Faction Wars pre-alpha test represents the next big step towards the full three-faction PvP side of the game.

I suggest reading over both the first and second official announcements regarding this Faction Wars testing event because there is a lot of great information about what to expect. You may also be interested in reading more about the new Faction House feature. The Starfall Tactics Faction Wars pre-alpha test starts up on November 17 (after being delayed). Better yet, we still have some pre-alpha keys available after our summer key giveaway, so feel free to grab one below. Enjoy!




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