Hands of Victory Closed Beta

Hands of Victory Closed BetaThe Hands of Victory closed beta test runs all of November, and you can still sign up to help test out this new browser-based multiplayer poker video game.

Are you a fan of poker video games? If so, this post is for you. During the month of November, the Hands of Victory closed beta is running. If you are interested in helping to test out this new online poker video game there is still time to sign up!

When Kim Lund from Aftermath Interactive first emailed us regarding the Hands of Victory closed beta I wasn’t sure if it was actually a video game (such as Poker Night on Steam) or a online poker service (like Poker Stars). Kim assured me that it was the former and thus I felt it was still a good fit for Death by Beta.

Hands of Victory allows you to play poker as a particular character from a variety of choices. Each character has special abilities that can give you the edge at the right time. Plus it appears that you can level up and unlock new abilities and perks as you play each character. I recommend reading over the Hands of Victory website for more information if you are interested.

And while you are there you might as well sign up for the Hands of Victory closed beta. Testing slots are limited, but Kim mentioned there is still space available for those that sign up now. Currently the game is browser-based and optimized for tablets, but it sounds like a Steam version is being considered. Check it out!


Hands of Victory Closed Beta


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