Iron Tides Demo and Kickstarter

Iron Tides Demo and KickstarterTry out the Iron Tides demo and consider supporting the Kickstarter of this viking-based rogue-lite strategy game from Crash Wave Games!

This week Death by Beta received a couple of emails about the Iron Tides Kickstarter that is in its final week (four days left as I write this). More importantly, it seems that there is an Iron Tides demo available for everyone to try out. If you like accessible rogue-lite strategy games then Iron Tides is one to check out.

Iron Tides is being developed by Sam Raski and Carina Kom who together make up the indie developer Crash Wave Games (which happens to be located here in Vancouver not far from me). There is a lot of information about the viking-based Iron Tides via its Kickstarter page, but to give you a summary let me quote part of the press kit that was sent over to DBB:

Iron Tides will feature:
  • A world without end: procedurally generated oceans full of dangers and riches.
  • Viking colonies: discover lost viking colonies to replenish your stocks, sell what you don’t need, and recruit fresh warriors.
  • A place to call home: Return to Norhaven to celebrate your victories, purchase new wares and plan your next raid.
  • Unique vikings: no two vikings are exactly alike as their skills are drawn from a pool of possible abilities and their upgrade path is procedurally generated
  • Permanent death for your crew: your lost warriors will not come back and help on the next raid.

I actually gave the Iron Tides demo a whirl this morning, although try as I might I could not get any video footage to record using the different recorders that I have. Ah well. Anyway, even though the game is still in its pre-alpha phase, there is definitely the workings of a fun game in the demo. It didn’t take me long to figure out the mechanics, although trying to keep your Vikings alive as you sail around proved to be a challenge in some of the games I played. The perils of a rogue-lite!

In any case, I recommend downloading the Iron Tides demo and trying it out. If you like what you see then you can consider supporting the Iron Tides Kickstarter. Enjoy!



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