DBB Update

dbb-update-postHi everyone!

As I am sure you have all noticed, there has been a dearth of of posts around here lately. This is because we have been having a lot of server host troubles, and I mean really bad troubles. As such, we have been holding off doing much with the site under the constant threat of server outages and lost data. You may have even noticed that at one point the entire site was lost for a day or two.

Well, Phil and I finally had enough. We pulled the plug on that host and moved the site. The process was finally completed a couple of days ago. The upshot of this is that our new hosting service should be much faster and (knock on wood) much more stable.

You probably won’t notice any difference on the surface around here, but hopefully you do notice improved performance. Oh, actually you may notice some of the later user comments on posts didn’t make the transfer. We apologize if your comment was lost due to that.

OK, with that out of the way, back to reporting about PC game testing news!!


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