Steep Beta Registration Steep beta registration is live, so sign up for a chance to test out this extreme mountains sports game from Ubisoft!

Do you enjoy extreme skiing, snowboarding, or wingsuit sky diving? Well, if you do then my guess is you are probably out doing that rather than reading this. However, if you have ever been interested in trying any of those without the bother of getting suited up and potentially cratering into the side of a mountain then Ubisoft has a game for you! Steep is all about extreme mountain sports, and the Steep beta registration is currently underway!

I for one am not entirely sure of the appeal of such a game, but perhaps that is because I would rather be out skiing rather than doing so on a computer. But I must admit that the wingsuit stuff could be very cool. In any case, you will be able to tackle the slopes and stunts solo, or challenge others during multiplayer. Check out the gameplay video below to get a glimpse of Steep in action.

As with all Ubisoft games, you will need to navigate to your local Ubisoft website in order to sign up for the Steep beta. So get signed up for a chance to hit the slopes when the Steep beta goes live. Check it out!



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