Atlas Reactor Open Beta

Atlas Reactor Open BetaTrion has fired up the Atlas Reactor open beta ahead of the game’s launch in October, so jump in and try out this simultaneous turn-based PvP arena game!

First of all, I must apologize for the connection chaos that the Death by Beta site went through this week. Our host had a server meltdown earlier this week which turned into a bit of a nightmare for us. It seems all fixed now, but it has been a long week of headaches. Anyway, let’s put that behind us and talk about the Atlas Reactor open beta that went live yesterday.

I have lost track of how many Atlas Reactor posts we have done, but it is a lot. Those posts also included news about a number of Atlas Reactor open beta events, which sort of makes this official open beta seem less important. Nonetheless, this is the true Atlas Reactor open beta and it will last until the head start event on September 25, followed by the full game launch on October 4. You can read all of the Atlas Reactor open beta details here.

If you haven’t yet tried Atlas Reactor then this is a great time to do so. I tried it a bit myself during one of the previous open beta events, and it seems like it could be a winner if you like the idea of simultaneous turn-based PvP arenas. It took me a few matches to wrap my head around the different stages in the turns, but once you get the hang of it the game starts to click along nicely. So, give the Atlas Reactor open beta a look while you still can. You can easily jump into the open beta via Steam. Enjoy!



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