One Tower Closed Beta

One Tower Closed BetaThe One Tower closed beta is underway, and SkyReacher Entertainment is looking for additional people to help test out this minion-focused 1v1 MOBA!

Well, I have to admit that at this point I didn’t think it was possible to see something new in the MOBA genre. However, Jacob over at SkyReacher Entertainment emailed me over the weekend to perhaps prove me wrong. Specifically he wanted to inform me about the One Tower closed beta that is currently underway. At the same time he filled me in on what seems to indeed be a novel twist on the MOBA formula. At the very least, it is a new twist to me.

Unlike the vast majority of other MOBAs out there, One Tower looks to do a couple of things differently. First off, the matches are purely 1v1 with a single lane and last about 10 minutes. You won’t have to worry about other teammates ruining your game or raging at you for what seems to be an eternity. Victory is up to you and you alone. Well, and the opponent at the other end of the lane.

The other big difference is that while each player does choose a hero unit for the match, the focus is really on the minions. Each players can field a variety of minions to send down the lane. With up to 30 types of minions to choose from, there should be plenty of variety in terms of match tactics. Players may want to send heavier tank units out supported by air units, or perhaps ranged units with healers. I imagine that the possible combinations are extensive.

If that sounds interesting to you then I recommend heading over to the the game’s website and signing up for the One Tower closed beta. It sounds like this closed beta is fairly unrestricted and for now anyone that signs up will get Steam key for the beta within 24 hours. Enjoy!



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