Space Tyrant Open Alpha

Space Tyrant Open AlphaCheck out the Space Tyrant open alpha from Blue Wizard Digital, and help test out this new and lighthearted turn-based 4X rogue-lite strategy game!

It is crazy how many emails Death by Beta received over the past couple of weeks telling us about ongoing testing opportunities. Well, here is another one. The Space Tyrant open alpha test is currently underway and is in need of some additional alpha testers!

Space Tyrant is currently in development by Blue Wizard Digital. The Space Tyrant website describes the game as “a little bit of a 4X turn-based strategy game, a little bit of a rouge-like, a little bit casual compared to those genres.” The game also has a very cheerful cartoonish vibe to it that admittedly I find really slick.

Issac from Blue Wizard Digital was kind enough to write up an extra blurb about Space Tyrant for those that are interested:

“Space is cold and uncaring, but that’s why it’s fun! Go forth you big meanie and strategically ruin the good times of any who stand in your way. As a Space Tyrant, you command fleets of ships in a turn-based strategy game bent on establishing a new and ruthless order to the universe. Of course you’ll run into Space Sharks and Space Slugs and all manner of Space things while you’re out there, but your lust for power knows no bounds and you simply cannot be stopped.”

If that sounds like your cup o’tea (and really, who doesn’t have a lust for power that knows no bounds?) then all you need to do is head over to the Space Tyrant website and enter your email. This will also sign you up for the Blue Wizard newsletter.

If you do try out the Space Tyrant open alpha then a survey that will pop up after you test out the game in order to collect feedback. Blue Wizard would be most grateful if you could give them as much feedback as possible. Check it out!


Space Tyrant Open Alpha


Space Tyrant Open Alpha


Space Tyrant Open Alpha


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