Abatron Open Alpha

Abatron Open AlphaW3 Studios is running an Abatron open alpha ahead of its Kickstarter, so sign up in order to help test out this new sci-fi RTS and T/FPS hybrid game!

I am am slowly managing to clear the backlog of news posts and emails after my chaotic house mouse. Huzzah! Next up is the Abatron open alpha (or public alpha as it is being called by its devs). If you are itching for some RTS/FPS hybrid action then this is one to check out.

We actually mentioned Abatron from W3 Studios back in July when it was doing its initial alpha registration. At that time I talked about how the vision for Abatron is that players can play the game from either an RTS or T/FPS point of view, or switch between those as they like. Tamara from W3 Studios was kind enough to send along a nice list of features that will be included in Abatron, and it is worth reading this over to get an idea of where the game is heading:

  • Switch between FPS and RTS at anytime – Play in TopDown view to control large battles and then with a click of a button jump down to the front lines and truly get into the battle first hand. Switch back and forth between different unit types in realtime.                               
  • Hero mode abilities – Become a legend when you take over a unit to play as a Hero in first or third person mode. Heroes have specialized attacks that are different with each unit type. Find the unit that fits your play style and show off your skillz.                            
  • Map Based Strategies – The greatest War Minds learn to use their surroundings to gain advantage over their enemy. In Abatron, strategically lure local deadly alien critters to help fight your battles. Subdue the Critter Queen to gain control of her and use her awesome power against enemy fortifications.                                     
  • GPU Heat and Exotic Landscapes – Abatron turns up the heat in your gpu with stunning environments and exotic landscapes. Explore the beautiful, hand crafted, worlds that span many different planets. Play on different planets such as Nekros where Lava and Ash cover the surface or other planets that range from icy and barren to lush and exotic.                                                                  
  • Cyborg Demons – Experience a marriage between flesh and metal with the Haagenti race. These barbarian demon horde have evolved their bodies by fusing limbs with technology to create the ultimate killing machines.                                                                                      
  • Research and Scavenge Technologies – Gain advantage by researching technologies or scavenge the world to find secrets left behind from long past battles. Explore the map for resources, power cores, and even battle buffs.                                                               
  • XP and Leveling – Level your Hero up to level 10 and become a GOD on the battlefield. Gain experience through combat and each level increases players damage or attack speed. Buildings automatically gain experience with each unit created, so level 2 buildings produce level 2 units…etc.         
  • Solo, Coop, and PvP – Play Solo, Coop, or PvP in any of our game modes up to 8 players. Be the last one to live in Free For All mode or grab some friends to take down the evil Haagenti together in Coop vs AI mode.       

If you are interested in given the game a try then you can gain access to the Abatron open alpha simply be heading over the game’s website and signing up for the newsletter. Once you do that you should receive a key for the Abatron open alpha on Steam. I should also mention that this open alpha is running ahead of the Abatron Kickstarter that is slated to launch on August 30. Enjoy!



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